Friday, April 1, 2011

Minigame Patch Release!

Update (April 2 2011): In case you were wondering, the April Fools joke with this post was that... it's not joking! Go right ahead & download our patch! - Mion

(Updated April 4 2011, for a new patch version & ONScripter-EN release)

Hey folks,

Thought we'd go ahead and release that Higurashi minigames patch we were talking about doing.

You'll need the original Japanese game Higurashi no Naku Koro ni in order to use the patch - see Getting the game for instructions on how to purchase it.

Please note that this patch's script contains just the minigames - no other features are included (well, the main menu, but that's about it.) In other words, this does not replace any earlier patches, so be sure you unpack it into a different subfolder of the game!

Another thing you should know is that saving and loading are also disabled in this patch. However, since it uses the same game-id and global variables as our other patches, any high scores and hidden games that you unlock in the minigame patch should be accessible in the standard patches (and vice-versa.) The minigame patch gives you access to all four minigames without having to unlock the story arcs, and does not change the lock status of stories in the standard patches.

We recommend that you play the games in order for greatest entertainment value, and be sure to follow Rika-chan's advice, try special moves & play at higher levels - you never know what you may unlock!

Well, without further ado:
Higurashi Minigame Patch (v1.1) (US Mirror EU Mirror 12032786 bytes, MD5: be0c1a8301c1f54310a99da79adbba84)

Non-Windows users may download the current version of ONScripter-EN (20110404) from Uncle Mion's ONScripter Corner - Releases page.

Since this isn't an actual story patch, we're just releasing it as a ZIP file, but we'll consider providing Windows & Mac installer versions if there's enough interest.

Leave us a comment if you have problems installing or using the patch and we'll see what we can do.

Happy gaming!