Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't bug Ryuukishi07

Hi folks,

Nothing new to report, but based on some of the comments made about our extremely important news post, we're worried that some of you intend to contact Ryuukishi07 and 07th Expansion about the matter.


Not only are they uncomfortable with English, they are very very busy getting Umineko Ep 5 ready to release at Comiket in mid-August. These are not people you should be petitioning. Got it?


Monday, July 13, 2009

Extremely important news

Update Note (August 2 2009):
...Turns out we don't need to remove our translation patches after all, but since we still support MangaGamer's efforts to produce their official localizations of Higurashi, I'll just leave the post image as it is.

MionWell folks, we've heard back from MangaGamer, and it looks like we have to take down our translation patches:

Since the copy right holder has decided to license us the version for PC,
your activity is no longer permitted.
However, we're still discussing cooperating with them on the official English release. We'll see how that plays out, since it would be great for everyone involved if Higurashi has a good quality localization.
We're be taking down our patch links, but not this site, so we can still blog about Japanese foods and such ^^;
Thank you for your past support, and please watch over us for the future.