Monday, April 21, 2008

Onikakushi Day 11 Release!

The Sonozaki Futago-tachi English patch for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Onikakushi (Days 1-5,9-11) is now ready! Check Acquiring our releases to find out how to get the patches and the original Higurashi games.

Please note that saves made in the Day 5 release or earlier will not work with this version, but saves from the Day 9 release should load just fine! (Unless you did something silly like save during one of the TIPS.)

For this patch, we rolled two new days into one release, all the better to space out the creepy. It's no longer just fun and games for poor Keiichi...

Let us know what you think, or if you encounter problems playing the translated game.


Monday, April 7, 2008

A note about saved games

Those of you who have been trying out our translation patches since Day 5 and before may have noticed that your saved games don't always load properly when you upgrade to a new patch.

I made a fix in the script for the Day 9 release that should prevent these kinds of errors when you upgrade to any future patch. However, this only applies to games saved using the Day 9 patch; unfortunately, there's no good way to fix loading games saved from the Day 3 & Day 4 patches.

Games saved from the Day 5 patch should load in the Day 9 release, so long as the save was done within the main story (it won't work for saves within the TIPS or the TIPS Save | Load menu.)
Because I had to move game code around, loaded Day 5 games will begin earlier in the game than where you saved. The fix for this is easy - simply play through to the point where you'd saved in Day 5, and re-save the game in the same slot.

Note that only saves from within the main story or the TIPS Load | Save menu can be expected to work correctly in future releases, so don't save in one of the TIPS!

Of course, please let us know about any problems you have with playing the game.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Acquiring our releases

(Updated August 8 2009)

If you would like to play 'Higurashi no Naku Koro ni' in English, please note that our releases are just translation patches - you will need to get the original Japanese game first in order to use them!

(Alternatively, you can wait for MangaGamer to release their official localizations later this year.)

If you'd still like to try our patches, go to Getting the game to find out how to get either the Demo version of Higurashi ('Onikakushi Arc' only) or 'Himatsubushi', the version containing the first 4 arcs.

(Currently only the first arc, 'Onikakushi', has been fully translated - just so you know.)


new! English-Patched Higurashi Demo

07th Expansion has kindly given us permission to distribute the entire Higurashi Demo, so long as we provide user support, so - for those of you with Macs or Linux, or are otherwise having trouble running the demo installer - here's a zip-file version of the Higurashi Demo, "", already patched:

Higurashi Demo with English Patch (v1.12) Applied

Just unzip it somewhere convenient, then go to the "higurashi\English" folder and run "onscripter-en.exe" to play! Let us know if you have issues, of course.


English Translation Patches

If you have installed the Demo version of Higurashi, you can download our Demo English translation patch, "[Sonozaki Futago-tachi] Higurashi No NAku Koro ni DEMO (English patch).zip". Please use one of the following links:

Demo Patch (v1.12)

If you have installed the full (first 4 arc) game, 'Himatsubushi', you can download our patch with Watanagashi (Day 1) as well as the first arc, 'Onikakushi', translated into English: "[Sonozaki Futago-tachi] Higurashi - Watanagashi_Day1 (English patch).zip". Please use one of the following links:

Watanagashi Day 1 Patch (v1.1) for 'Himatsubushi'

How to Install a Patch

To install a translation patch, create a new folder (say "English") within the original Japanese game folder, unzip the contents of the patch into that new folder, then double-click "onscripter-en.exe" to play.

Of course, be sure to use only a DEMO patch with the demo game, and only a non-DEMO patch with the full game, or else the patch might not work as you expect!
(Actually, our current releases will warn you if you try to play the demo translation patch with the full game and vice-versa, just in case.)

(Updated September 24 2009)

For Mac OS X and Linux Users
(or anyone who wants the latest ONScripter)

Since I ("Uncle" Mion) have more or less taken over maintenance of ONScripter-EN, I've finally put together a new site and subversion repository.

So from now on, come to to get the latest ONScripter releases! After downloading a build, here's what you need to do:

Mac OS X

The download comes as a Mac disk image file, "onscripter-mac-20090915.dmg", which you will need to mount as a drive.
Once you have installed a Higurashi game and translation patch as directed above, simply drop the contained "" file into the translation patch directory and double-click to play.


Since there's so many different distributions of Linux, there's no official Linux build of ONScripter-EN. However, the new ONScripter site does have a build for Ubuntu Linux, which you are welcome to try (though we make no guarantees).

(Note that some distributions of Linux come with a build of the Japanese version of ONScripter, but this will not work with our Higurashi patches.)

If the Ubuntu build doesn't work, you can try doing your own build:

Building from source

Since ONScripter is under the GNU Public License, you can download the latest release as source code from the new site's Releases page, either as a zipped archive or from the subversion repository.


You can always find our latest translation patches and related downloads in our file-sharing folders below:


Please let us know if you have trouble with installing or using our patches!


Our First Posting


This is Mion of Sonozaki Futago-tachi, beginning our foray into the world of blogdom.

Watch this space for news of our ongoing Higurashi no NAku Koro ni translation project, including links to new releases and fixes.

Thank you for your support.