Sunday, June 28, 2009

Watanagashi Day 1 release!

As promised, we have our first Watanagashi release ready during this Watanagashi month of June... but unfortunately we could only get the first chapter ready in time. It's a fun one though, and includes Chapter NOTES that you can access at the TIPS chapter afterward.

It's been good to have a deadline to get back into the flow of editing together, so we expect to have the next couple chapters ready fairly soon - and I for one am looking forward to all of you enjoying them, since there's quite a lot of fun stuff that the anime left out.

As usual, go to our Acquiring our Releases page to download the Watanagashi Day 1 patch, which is available only for the full Himatsubushi game. Please let us know if you have any difficulties with playing this patch.


P.S. - Mac OS X users should grab the latest version of ONScripter from our download folders, since it has a number of improvements and bugfixes; Linux users would do well to update their builds as well - Mion

Bug report (June 29): some users have reported a problem with images not displaying properly with this latest patch - more information and a fix are available at our Acquiring our Releases page.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Release

Howdy folks,

I've been finishing up helping out Witch Hunt with the imminent Umineko Ep 4 release and getting back to editing Higurashi.

It was good for Shion to translate a number of days ahead, in light of getting parts of the story to match up properly (those of you who've seen the anime or manga will know what I mean), but I know you'd like to see a release before much longer.

So then: I think we can safely say that, this month of June 2009, we will have our first release of Watanagashi! The one thing we can't be entirely sure of is the number of days (chapters) that release will contain, but I can guarantee that they will be fun.

We likely won't release right on Watanagashi Day, however fitting that would be (it's June 21 - Father's Day, as it so happens), so that we'll have time to get more material into the release.

Anyways, back to editing, and see ya later!