Monday, April 7, 2008

A note about saved games

Those of you who have been trying out our translation patches since Day 5 and before may have noticed that your saved games don't always load properly when you upgrade to a new patch.

I made a fix in the script for the Day 9 release that should prevent these kinds of errors when you upgrade to any future patch. However, this only applies to games saved using the Day 9 patch; unfortunately, there's no good way to fix loading games saved from the Day 3 & Day 4 patches.

Games saved from the Day 5 patch should load in the Day 9 release, so long as the save was done within the main story (it won't work for saves within the TIPS or the TIPS Save | Load menu.)
Because I had to move game code around, loaded Day 5 games will begin earlier in the game than where you saved. The fix for this is easy - simply play through to the point where you'd saved in Day 5, and re-save the game in the same slot.

Note that only saves from within the main story or the TIPS Load | Save menu can be expected to work correctly in future releases, so don't save in one of the TIPS!

Of course, please let us know about any problems you have with playing the game.