Saturday, May 24, 2008

More about the latest release

Hi folks,
Just thought I'd explain some new elements of our latest release.

First of all, those of you who use the Demo version of Higurashi may notice that the Day 12 release includes a 'WAV/LP' directory containing two MP3 files. These are provided as a (temporary?) fix for playback issues with the version of these files that came with the original Japanese demo. You can see the difference if you play from the beginning through to when Rena first makes her appearance - the music no longer sounds weirdly "sped-up".

Second, our file sharing folders now include a Windows executable of the full ('Himatsubushi') game patch, courtesy of DaCyclops from AnimeSuki. I highly recommend that Windows users use this version of the patch, as it will by default install into a subdirectory of the original game location, saving headaches in figuring out how to install the ZIP version of the patch. (It's also a somewhat smaller file.)

Needless to say, non-Windows and/or Higurashi demo users still need to use the applicable ZIP patch for their Higurashi game instead of this executable.

I hope you enjoy these improvements to our latest release! We plan to make further improvements for future releases as needed. As always, we're happy to hear if you have questions or comments.