Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Japanese Country Cooking

Hi folks!

Like us, you might've been intrigued by the home-cooked dinner Rena brought in Day 14 to tempt Keiichi: vegetable miso? side dishes? What are those?

We were lucky enough to find Domo, a restaurant in Denver, Colorado that serves Japanese country-style cooking - including the same kinds of mouth-watering dishes Rena made! They even have a detailed explanation of side dishes.

Feast your eyes on (not) Rena's home cooking!

This was Mion's lunch order. The entree is Unagi-don, grilled eel on rice; the soup is vegetable miso - a lot like your standard miso with tofu & seaweed, but with the addition of thinly-sliced daikon and other vegetables.

The three dishes behind the unagi & miso are the side dishes of the day (for lunch) - on this particular day, the side dishes were, from left to right: kinpira gobo, burdock root; hijiki ni, hijiki seaweed & green beans; and renkon to kiriboshi no nimono, which is lotus root & dried daikon strips (we think - our dish had lotus root, anyway).

Oh yes - they didn't have them at that lunch, but Domo does prepare some dishes with mountain vegetables.

Anyway, we enjoyed our taste of country cooking and the extra understanding it gave us for Keiichi's excitement at the prospect of a home-cooked meal ^^