Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Golden Week!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note before Mion and I go to visit our parents in Okinomiya for Golden Week ^^.

We've just added a new feature under Acquiring our Releases: we're hosting a copy of the demo as a zipped folder that already includes our patch, for those who use Mac or Linux or are having trouble installing the program.

Meanwhile, we've made progress on the project. I've finished a rough translation of days 1-6, which corresponds to the first episode of the anime Watanagashi arc - they left a LOT out for the adaptation. That brings the story to a good resolution point, and I think it's worked well to translate a larger chunk to make sure that I understand where the earlier events are headed and get the important details straight. So far I've checked and fixed the translation for days 1-3, which we're considering covering for our first Watanagashi release, and am working on checking and fixing day 4 right now. Mion has been very busy with school-related stuff this past semester, as well as more onscripter fixes for the Umineko folks, but she'll be graduating with her masters this next month (yay!) and is raring to edit for the release! So our first Watanagashi release should be coming up "soon" - I'm declining to say just how soon because we don't want to make any promises we can't keep, but please be assured that the project is moving forward.

Also, thank you very much for the many kind messages! We do read and appreciate them all, but prefer to restrict our responses to cases where people need help (or else the comment boards will be really long), so please don't take lack of response as a rejection. The same goes for questions about our releases - we know you're looking forward to reading more, and we're looking forward to sharing more with you all, but again, we want to avoid making 'promises we can't keep', especially because we both have a lot going on in our lives as far as work and career goes - Mion in particular needs to find work now that she's finished with school, but she'll enjoy editing in the meantime.

Anyway, enjoy the nice spring weather, and look forward to summer vacation!