Sunday, June 28, 2009

Watanagashi Day 1 release!

As promised, we have our first Watanagashi release ready during this Watanagashi month of June... but unfortunately we could only get the first chapter ready in time. It's a fun one though, and includes Chapter NOTES that you can access at the TIPS chapter afterward.

It's been good to have a deadline to get back into the flow of editing together, so we expect to have the next couple chapters ready fairly soon - and I for one am looking forward to all of you enjoying them, since there's quite a lot of fun stuff that the anime left out.

As usual, go to our Acquiring our Releases page to download the Watanagashi Day 1 patch, which is available only for the full Himatsubushi game. Please let us know if you have any difficulties with playing this patch.


P.S. - Mac OS X users should grab the latest version of ONScripter from our download folders, since it has a number of improvements and bugfixes; Linux users would do well to update their builds as well - Mion

Bug report (June 29): some users have reported a problem with images not displaying properly with this latest patch - more information and a fix are available at our Acquiring our Releases page.